Wycheproof Bakery On Broadway Mural

If you have been following along on my social media channels, you will have seen the mural that I have been working on at Bakery on Broadway, in regional Victoria, in a very small town called Wycheproof. (To anyone travelling between Mildura - Melbourne / Geelong there is every possibility you have already been through it!). Bakery on Broadway - 317 Broadway, Wycheproof VIC 3527.

I just want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to Ann, and the fellow owners of Bakery on Broadway, for this amazing opportunity. I am so glad I could bring your vision to life. Thank you for all the free food and drink and looking after me, I have never eaten so many pies in one week - and I regret nothing hahaha. Thank you for the warm welcome and support I received from the Wycheproof locals and community, and for the encouragement from the people passing through.

Gosh, what a week it was, I did this in 4 days, on the Tuesday it was 39c, do not recommend painting when it’s that hot!

Anywho, I better stop talking and show you the photos from the finished product!