Red Dirt Mural - Mildura Arts Centre

Red Dirt

In January 2021, I painted a mural called "Red Dirt" at the Mildura Arts centre, in rural Victoria. "Red Dirt" was painted by hand in acrylic paint. Consisting of a beautiful mixture or reds, oranges and browns with bold contrasting  blacks. The disjointed shapes will work together to produce a cohesive design. A transparent overlay will flow across the piece, reflecting the Murray River. The concept of "Red Dirt" comes from my upbringing in Mildura, I lived in Mildura up until I was 18 and have vivid memories of the dust storms and the film of red dirt that would settle on each and every surface following the storm. This piece is my way of capturing the beauty of the warmth of Mildura summers and the hot and windy storms that come with it.

These mural was on display from January to April 2021. 

An absolute joy.