Creative Mentoring Program

Hi there!

Hi there! If you're reading this now, it means you're interested in getting some information about my  upcoming intake of my popular Creative Mentoring Program , January to March 2022.

I am so grateful to have mentored so many wonderful creatives, over 70% of my mentees went on to stay longer than the initial 3 months! 

I hope that we can work together, and have you in next years Creative Mentoring Program, January 2022.

Jack x

 “It was so wonderful having a creative community, seeing that other people shared similar worries and that I wasn’t alone. It was exactly what I needed and I can’t recommend it enough”

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, mentoring and help over the last few months! You have helped me in so many ways.”

"I feel like I have grown so much with my confidence and creativity whilst working with Jack, I have since started selling my artwork and finally set up my website which is huge!”

Testimonials from beginner and emerging artists that have taken part in the Creative Mentoring Program, 2021.

Is this Creative Mentoring Program for you?

  • Does fear stop you sharing your art on social media? Yes or no.
  • Do you struggle to call yourself an artist? Or refer to yourself as an artist around family and friends? Yes or no.
  • Do you struggle to call yourself an artist? Or refer to yourself as an artist around family and friends? Yes or no.
  • Are you feeling a bit ‘lost’ trying to find your unique style? Yes or no.
  • Do you have trouble knowing how to price your artwork? Or scared that no one will buy your artwork?Yes or no.
  • Do you feel isolated in the creative space, are you seeking a creative community who understand what it’s like to be a creative? Yes or no.
  • Does thinking about making social media content give you a headache? Yes or no.
  • Does fear stop you applying for competitions or exhibitions? Yes or no.
  • Do you know how to write an art CV, art bio or statement?? Yes or no.

So glad you're here, here's a little bit about me and how I came to be a full time artist...

I went from working 35 hours a week in my part time job, to beginning a side hustle, losing my job due to COVID, then to becoming a full time artist, creative mentor, muralist and art teacher in just under 2 years. 

I have worked on some amazing projects with the Royal Children's Hospital, the RSPCA, and galleries across Metropolitan Melbourne, regional VIC and NSW. My art has increased in retail value of up to 60% over the past 18 months. 

I have helped so many wonderful creatives to build their creative confidences, social media presences, sell more of their artworks, build their onlines store and MORE! 

Program Content

Sessions Topic
Session 1Goal setting, introductions, getting intentional in your creative practice. What does your creativity look and feel like to you?
Session 2Social media, content planning, how do you want to show up on social media?
Session 3Finding your style, limiting beliefs, and pricing your artwork. 
Session 4Calling yourself an artist, why it can be challenging, what stepping out of your creative comfort zone looks like for you?
Session 5Writing your artist CV, bio, statements, why are they important? 
Session 6Reviewing goals, reflecting on the past 3 months and acknowledging your growth. 


  • How long does the program go for and when does it start?
    The program goes for 3 months, first call is on Wednesday, January 12th 2022. Calls are fortnightly: they go for one hour, on a Wednesday night at 7pm. 2 calls per month, AND a bonus 1:1 call with me, every month over the 3 months.  
  • Will this program help me to find my style?
    This program will help you delve into the areas of your work you enjoy, and understand what parts of it bring you joy, what holds you back and what you would like to explore more. As well as help gain confidence to explore your style and see what feels right for you!
  • How will I be supported?
    You will have access to support via the twice monthly group calls, through the 1:1 monthly calls, and via an instagram group chat that is formed and active throughout the 3 months, offering any support you need before and after the calls. As well as 1:1 access to communicate with me in between calls via Instagram and email.

This program IS for you if…

- You struggle to call yourself an artist in front your friends and family. 

- You need help writing your artist CV, statement and bio.

- You feel like you need the support and confidence to explore your true creative, unique style.

- You want to build up the confidence and knowledge to exhibit your artwork in galleries, or enter art competitions.

- You want to invest in your art career and take yourself seriously.

- You want to learn from someone who has been there and done it!

- The thought of posting on social media and sharing your art gives you a headache!

- You seek the most incredible, supportive Creative Community.

This program is NOT for you if you…

- Feel more than competent creating an artist CV, statement and bio.

- Have no issue calling yourself an artist and showing up on social media in many ways shape or form.

- Don’t feel the need to have the most incredible creative, confidence building, inspiring community around you cheering you on!

- Feel established, confident, and consistent in your creative output.

- Currently have your work in various galleries, competitions.

Payment plan options

Payments can be made fortnightly or monthly. 

Once off payment (save $100)

$1,190.00 upfront, once off payment. Saving of $100.00

3 months

$430.00 per month over 3 months.

6 months

 $215.00 per month, over 6 months.

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