Artist CV

Finalist / Honours and Awards:

October 2023 - Public Speaker, "Be Your Own Damn Hero" Generation Women. Melbourne, VIC. Australia

May 2023 - Finalist / Shortlisted. "Fairholme Open Art Prize". Toowoomba, QLD. Australia 

January 2022 - Creative Collective Memory Art's Project, Geelong, VIC. Australia

September 2021 - Feature Artist. "Wombat in the Room", RSPCA, Fort Heart, Melbourne, VIC. 

June 2021 – Winner. “Emerging Artist Award”, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, VIC. Australia

February 2021 – Finalist / Shortlisted. "Unearthed Art Prize 2021", Art to Art, Melbourne, VIC. Australia

July 2020 – Finalist / Feature Artist. “From Canvas to Mat”, Yogat, Brisbane, QLD. Australia

April 2020 – Finalist / Feature Artist. ‘Me & Uoo Uoo – The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail’, Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, VIC. Australia (Uoo Uoo located in Queen Vic Gardens, 2021)

October 2019 – Revitalizing Central Geelong // Creative Geelong “Third Space Art Prize: A Kaleidoscope City,” Geelong, VIC. Australia 

April 2019 – Courthouse Youth Arts “Brackets Art Prize: Geelong Contemporary Youth Arts Prize,” Geelong, VIC. Australia.

2010 – DUX of Visual Communication Irymple Secondary College, Mildura, VIC. Australia.

2009 – DUX of Studio Arts Irymple Secondary College, Mildura, VIC. Australia.

2008 – DUX of Art and Visual Communication Irymple Secondary College, Mildura, VIC. Australia.

Solo Exhibitions:

February 2023 - The Space Gallery + Workshops, Geelong, VIC. Australia 

September 2022 - “Vibrant”, Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura, VIC. Australia

January 2020 – Analogue Academy “Replying to Spam Emails” Geelong, VIC. Australia. 

September 2019 – Analogue Academy “Existential Quarter Life Crisis: A collection of nonsense” Geelong, VIC, Australia. 



January 2023 - Bakery on Broadway Mural, Wycheproof, VIC. Australia

January 2021 – On the Wall Mural "Red Dirt", Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura, VIC. Australia 

May 2020 – The Bottle Works ‘Teddy Bear Hunt Mural’, Geelong, VIC. Australia.


Group Exhibition History:

March 2023 - Honey Bones Gallery "How We Met", Melbourne, VIC.

June 2022 - The Space Gallery and Workshops, "30 x 30 Group Show", Geelong, VIC.

November 2021 – Art to Art, "Original Artwork Under $2k", Melbourne, VIC.   

June 2021 – Fortyfivedownstairs, "Emerging Artist Award 2021", Melbourne, VIC. 

February 2021 – No Vacancy Gallery, Fort Heart, "For the Deckade" Melbourne, VIC. Australia

November 2020 – New Day Sunrise, online exhibition, funds donated to DAX Centre, and Sane Aus. Australia 

April 2020 – Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba, QLD. Australia

February 2020 – Analogue Academy “FOLK,” Geelong, VIC. Australia 

July 2019 – Geelong Illustrators “We Were Board,” Geelong, VIC. Australia 

December 2019 – Geelong Illustrators “Our Favourite Things,” Geelong, VIC. Australia 

November 2012 – Stefano’s Gallery “Year 12 Exhibition”, Mildura, VIC. Australia 


Shop Stockist:

Urban Road (Prints), Online. Australia

Temple and Webster (Prints), Online. Australia

Toowoomba Gallery, Toowoomba, QLD. Australia  


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2022 - Creative Collective Memory Art's Project, City of Greater Geelong, Newcomb. VIC.

2022 - Creative Collective Memory Art's Project, City of Greater Geelong, Colac. VIC.

2022 - Creative Collective Memory Art's Project, City of Greater Geelong, Geelong. VIC.

May 2020 – National Assistance Program for the Arts, Myers Foundation, Melbourne, VIC. Australia